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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bond with FootSmart to get a cure for bunions

A Bunion is an enlargement of the joint of the little toe or the big toe. This problem is commonly prevalent with women. A research shows that more than 50 % of the women in America have bunion. This is obvious with women because they wear tight and high heel shoes. These are also seen in the families. It is recommended that women should wear comfortable shoes that are not too tight on their feet.

Want to get rid of bunions? Want to know about bunion treatment? Well, the answer to these questions is surprising; bunion treatment is found to be most feasible without surgery. People generally have a misconception that treatment of bunions is faster and easier when you take the help of surgery. There are various other misconceptions regarding bunion treatment. First of all, you should know that bunion cannot be cured through cosmetic surgery. Plus, patients should not expect drastic changes in their feet. They should have a realistic expectations.

One important thing that you must know about bunion surgery is that it can only be treated by reducing the width of the foot by 1/8th of an inch. And if you like to wear slender shoes then this is really a bad news for you because you would not be able to wear a slender shoe any more. One more turn off to bunion surgery is that the size of the foot does not decrease even though the width is reduced up to a certain extent. You should know that bunion treatment through the way of surgery is a lengthy process and involves lot of potential complications in it.

In order to correct the deformation in the feet due to these bunions physicians recommend a splint specially designed to correct the shape of feet, called bunion splints. They are available in various shapes and sizes having different impact into it depending upon its complexity. FootSmart offers a varied range of these bunions splints at reasonable prices.

A bunion brace is made of neoprene which is comfortable enough to be worn inside the shoes. A bunion brace is used to correct the deformities caused due to bunions. It is designed to let the air pass through it giving fresh supply of air to your skin. It is developed to avoid all those big and bulky designs. A bunion brace provides correct and calculated force in the affected area of your toe to make corrective changes. Remove all those straps that you use to put around your feet and legs. Use this special product which can be comfortably hidden inside the shoes.

If you are suffering from a bunion then get a new pair of shoes immediately with a bigger size. Bunions are often caused due to tight shoes. Follow the proper advice from your physician for bunion care. Check if you stress more on you bigger toe by rolling over it while walking. Get a comfortable pair of shoes. Also take bunion splints or bunion brace to correct the deformities aroused in you feet.

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